I’m Dr. Alayo Tripp, (they/them) a Black non-binary linguist and cognitive scientist studying language development. In IPA my name looks like this: [əˈlaɪɔ’trɪp]

I am an Assistant Professor of Computational Language Science in the University of Florida Department of Linguistics.

I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I got my PhD in Linguistics in 2019 from the University of Maryland, College Park, advised by Naomi Feldman and Bill Idsardi. I then did postdoctoral work in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, advised by faculty mentors Ben Munson and Peggy Nelson.

You can email me at atripp@ufl.edu or contact me through my social media accounts on either BlueSky or the site formerly known as Twitter @phonotactician.